Experienced Family Law Attorney

Matters of family law can be emotionally draining and financially taxing on those involved. At Boudreaux Law Firm, we have an experienced family law attorney who is equipped and ready to help you navigate complex domestic issues, such as divorce, child custody and adoption. We work hard to provide a legal strategy that helps you meet your goals as amicably and cost-effectively as possible.

We know that issues of family law are often among the most stressful, delicate and emotionally-charged cases in the legal profession. Boudreaux Law Firm values the importance of offering compassion and understanding while also providing professional and sound legal guidance tailored to you and your family's specific needs. Whether you are filing a divorce or finalizing an adoption, our law firm is committed to using a client-centered approach and developing a personalized strategy when taking legal action on your behalf. We understand that every case is unique, especially when it involves dynamic relationships within the issues of family law. You can trust that our attorneys keep clients well-informed throughout the legal process and communicate with them on a level that they can understand.

Boudreaux Law Firm proudly represents families in Augusta and throughout Georgia. We provide quality legal services in a wide variety of family law areas, including:

While we are ready to fight aggressively to secure your rights and protect your assets, we never dismiss the fact that many divorce and family law cases can be resolved without a trial or by using creative alternatives. You can trust that Attorney Jenna Matson is committed to providing the most favorable outcome for you, but she will also be fiscally and strategically responsible when handling your family law case in Augusta.

When it comes to legal action in a marriage or family, let Boudreaux Law Firm help you understand your rights and options. Contact our practice in Augusta to set up a consultation today.