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When it comes to dividing marital assets and properties during a divorce, Georgia law asserts that these things be divided fairly and equally through equitable division. In order to hold individuals accountable for assets acquired during marriage, a list is compiled and submitted to the court as a sworn document, requiring the signature of the party. While there are times when an honest mistake can result in overlooking a specific asset, there are instances in which one spouse attempts to hide assets. Perhaps it may be done in an attempt to deprive the other of certain benefits. When one suspects that this has happened, it is wise to seek representation from a lawyer to protect their rights.

Surprising to some, it is not difficult, nor is it uncommon for individuals to attempt to hide assets. This is done skillfully and tactfully in a variety of ways, from hiding cash or opening a separate bank account to requesting that an employer defer a pay increase until after the divorce. Whatever the case, it is important to seek legal guidance to identify and trace hidden assets.

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Depending on the circumstances of a divorce, it could be riddled with complexities, as emotions run high and couples work through the process of equitable division. What's more, however, is when one spouse appears to be withholding assets or manipulating their true value in an attempt to deprive the other. This may include investing in collectibles and hiding them or seeking to lower the value of one's business in order to lessen benefits that the other is entitled to. Though frustrating, it is not enough to suspect these things.

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