Landlord Tenant Disputes

For landlords that dedicate their lives to running successful businesses by preserving profits, equity and properties are a primary consideration of attorney Todd M. Boudreaux. He provides diligent and careful representation in the midst of landlord-tenant disputes. Whether issues arise pertaining to nonpayment of rent, breach of contract or lease agreement, privacy concerns, eviction or damage to property, attorney Todd Boudreaux values the importance of personalized representation. For landlords, he tailors services to help them obtain the most favorable and positive outcome possible.

If you are a landlord caught up in a dispute at your Augusta or Martinez location, contact the Boudreaux Law Firm to schedule a confidential consultation today.

Effective Landlord Representation

As a critical component of effective landlord representation, the Boudreaux Law Firm advises on leases, and helps property owners prepare and file dispossessory notices. The eviction process proves difficult in many circumstances, and attorney Todd Boudreaux offers legal expertise into avoiding the violation of a tenant's rights. Thus, whether tenants are entering the premises or communicating with property owners, landlords benefit from insight into how to navigate the eviction process well.

Are you a landlord in search of experienced and assertive legal guidance for your property or tenant dispute? Contact the Boudreaux Law Firm in Augusta for the representation that you need and deserve.