Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements can be a responsible way for couples to protect against future misunderstandings and unexpected legal issues as they enter into marriage. At Boudreaux Law Firm, our family law attorneys have helped countless clients draft successful prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements in the Augusta area. We acknowledge the many ways that a premarital agreement can be beneficial, including the following:

  • Protect the interest of children from a previous relationship
  • Protect partners in family business
  • Protect family-owned property or assets
  • Address and protect any specific concerns that either party has regarding property division or spousal maintenance

At Boudreaux Law Firm, we regard prenuptial agreements as a positive for all parties involved, as it can be a tangible explanation of rights and obligations that are clearly established at the forefront in the case of a divorce. In a Georgia court of law, this prenuptial agreement is referenced and highly influential in determining the final rulings of your divorce. Our state is an equitable property division state, which means that a 50-50 property division is not always upheld. Therefore, a prenuptial agreement can play a significant role in ensuring you get fair division. It can also protect certain designated assets from being divided in a divorce and set written guidelines for certain properties in the event they are sold.

If you need a well-crafted prenuptial agreement in Augusta, turn to Boudreaux Law Firm. In order to avoid tension on your wedding day, we advise couples to create a prenuptial agreement well in advance of their proposed marriage date.

Postnuptial Agreements for Married Couples

Our family lawyers can also help married couples who want a postnuptial agreement. These are commonly used as effective tools for establishing finances in a marriage, including setting budgets, separating a spouse's business assets, etc. Regardless of your unique situation, we are committed to protecting your best interests when drafting premarital and marital agreements.

Contact Boudreaux Law Firm for experienced attorneys who can draft your prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in Georgia. We proudly represent clients in all facets of family law.