Student Loan Discharge

Many of our clients are increasingly feeling the burden of student loan debts. Some have had to borrow funds for their own schooling, only to find that the jobs available with their chosen degree have low starting salaries that cannot support payments on the student loans. Other clients have co-signed student loans for their children family members or friends, but cannot make ends meet when the primary borrower cannot make the payment and the lender looks to the co-signor for payments. Still other clients borrowed money later in life hoping to obtain a higher paying job or to keep up with the degree requirements of their current job, but don't see the anticipate increase in salary to offset the student loans that were needed to obtain that additional degree.

Most clients assume that filing Bankruptcy cannot help them handle their student loan obligations. In some cases, that may be true. However, in many cases we can help our clients take care of their student loans. We have filed cases to successfully discharge student loans entirely, eliminating the clients' need to make any additional payments on the student loans. In other cases, we can adjust other debts so that the client is in a position to pay off the student loans entirely to eliminate those student loans as a source of continued financial stress.

Every client's case with student loans is different. To evaluate your specific situation to determine whether we can discharge your student loans or other debts to ease the burden imposed by those loans, please contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation so that we can properly evaluate your situation.